My Last Day

Well, my last “official” day at work came and went. I am now officially unemployed and on severance. I thought I was going to get a last minute “Stay of Execution” when the hiring manager for a job in which I interviewed called me at 5:00 PM on literally my last day. Unfortunately, she was calling to tell me that I did not get the job. While I admire the fact the she personally made the phone call rather than hiding behind recruiting, I was not prepared for that action – kind of thought it was going to be a positive phone call when I saw the caller id.

So what now? While I’m still interested in staying with my current, oops, I guess that’s LAST employer, I am now 100% focused to finding a position with another company. Lots of good jobs out there, and the pay for many of them are much more attractive than what I was getting.

I have 13 weeks to find something and the clock is running. While I want to get back to work quickly, I don’t really want to “settle,” just to have a job. It’s a delicate balancing act. That said, I don’t have a bunch of people knocking down my doors right now. My goal is to apply to as many viable jobs as possible and not “wait” for that one great job to come my way. I’m playing the odds that one will hit. The silence is a bit deafening, however.

Keeping a positive attitude. Until next time….

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