The 7 Stages of Grief (Modified Kubler-Ross Model)

Kind of think this applies to being laid off from a job. Basically, the stages are as follows (with my editorial comment)

1 – SHOCK (Damn, I just lost my job, what the #@%&)

2 – DENIAL (Surely they will realize their mistake and hire me back, or offer another position)

3 – ANGER (They don’t realize their mistake, they won’t hire me back, there are no other positions)

4 – BARGAINING (It’s all for the best, I’ll come out ahead when all is said and done – I was under-paid, under-utilized, under-appreciated). Maybe this should be PIPE DREAM?

5 – DEPRESSION (This is not quite working out the way I had hoped it would. Take two steps back and revisit ANGER – Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200.

6 – TESTING (What in the Hell am I going to do – Take 4 Steps back to DENIAL and quickly segue back into ANGER). I’m really not moving forward here….

7 – ACCEPTANCE (Getting a friggin’ job – Can’t envision any acceptance taking place short of settling into a new position).

Bottom line, losing a job and looking for another is an emotional roller-coaster. Stay the course – keep following leads and applying for positions. A job will hit that aligns with your experience and desire – they always do. It’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it! Still not close to the ACCEPTANCE stage, however!)

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