It’s not me…it’s you

As I finish up another week of frustrating job searching, I find my morale waning just a bit. 5 internal job applications, 1 interview (still waiting on a final decision), 2 rejections (without an interview), and 2 no-responses (other than acknowledgement that the applications were received). I guess I’m expecting a bit much, but I was hoping that the company that laid me off would be a little more communicative (and supportive) in my attempts to stay employed. I have 4 days left before I officially go on severance.

Additionally, I’ve applied for a couple of outside positions – One in which I thought I was extremely qualified. Nothing. But, I’ve gone through all of this before and I know the following:

1- Companies post jobs as a formality – they already have someone in mind internally for the position and are just following processes for compliance purposes.

2 – Postings aren’t necessarily pulled from job sites when positions are filled. Companies like to see who else is out there for a rainy day.

3 – Networking remains the best way to find jobs – I hate it because I’m not good at it, but it’s probably the next step. Find a good recruiter and that will get you started. I’m also going to call a few “colleagues” to see if they know if anything within their organizations. Did I mention that I hate this, because I do.

Finally, I keep my sanity by knowing that being summarily eliminated from the interview process based on the “four corners” of my resume is a mistake from those in the position of hiring. (See Stuart Smalley quote in previous post!).

Weekend is ahead and a chance to reboot. We’ll hit it again on Monday!

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