It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything. Nope, not because I found something….just disgusted in my efforts thus far. I’ve got 9 days to find a position internally and while I’m pursuing several opportunities, I just can’t help but think that the layoff was so extensive that the competition is crushing. I’ve “worked” my contacts to the point of sounding a bit desperate. I find myself questioning my awesomeness – as in…maybe I’m not as awesome as I think I am? Nope. Still awesome. Just need to figure out how to convey that to others – either internally or when I move my search to outside organizations.

I did interview for one internal position – not sure I’m a good fit especially with the above-referenced competition. It’s been a long time since I’ve interviewed and I gotta say that the standard question “list your three strengths and weaknesses” kind of threw me for a loop. (No, “Awesomeness” does not qualify as a strength, although it should).

Went out on the Internet and looked at a couple of articles. had some pretty useful information. So, I’ve written down my strengths and weaknesses so when asked again, I’ll be a little bit better prepared. The hard part is supplying specific examples of of how the strengths and weaknesses factored into a real life situation. I think I will take that advice and apply it to other potential interview questions. I believe specific examples help with difficult interview questions. Having things written down will help jog the memory when the questions pop up.

Well, back to work!

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