Day 3 – Now the Work Begins

My major task today entailed dusting off my resume and “updating” it. This is really more painful than having a tooth extracted, which I literally had done two weeks ago. Not really happy with my final product, but for now, it’s good enough for the job boards.

There are a lot of good sites out on the internet on how to write a good resume. I’m not going to spend a lot of time detailing do’s and don’ts. Spend a couple of minutes on those sites for inspiration.

The goal of a resume should be to get to the initial interview. Nothing more, nothing less. I actually have two resumes that I use. The first is a functional resume. This is a resume that highlights skills and achievements in a more narrative form. At the beginning of the resume, I have descriptive words around skills and experiences hoping it will jump to the top of any descriptive word searches conducted by Recruiters.

The second resume is a Chronological resume. It’s the most standard, I think, and chronicles your work history from most recent position to your earliest positions. If you are “seasoned” as am I, you should limit it to your professional experience only. No need to keep the summer lawn mowing business…unless, of course, that’s what you are hoping to do!

Sell yourself. I have difficulty doing that, but I’ve tried to add statements more around accomplishments and not so much responsibilities.

Finally, load your resume to the various job boards. I like and Not sure I’ve ever gotten a direct job offer from that strategy, but sometimes you get connected with a Recruiter who specializes in what you want to do. Very often is the case that they will know of jobs that may be a few weeks away from being posted and that’s the resource that I want to tap into.

Bottom line, it just doesn’t hurt to have your resume “passively” working for you. You’ll get a lot of weird emails and calls for positions that have absolutely nothing to do with anything you would remotely think of doing, but they can be amusing. Even without a job (or soon to be without a job), THEIR job is worse than yours.

I feel that I should end this post with something inspirational so here goes….If you plan on drinking tonight away from home, call Uber!

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