The Call- Day 1

You know it’s not going to be a good call when your boss sets the topic of a call as “Confidential”.

By way of background, I work (soon to be “worked”) for a company that has a fiscal year that begins April 1. Any “out of the ordinary” calls from management in March are generally met with a bit of trepidation. Such was the case with me. That call caught up with me after 10 years with the organization. Maybe I should say “re-Organization” as that has been their Modus Operandi for the last last several years. Note, this is a huge corporation….

I was prepared – it wasn’t my first rodeo. I’ve gotten calls in the past from my boss that started with “I have HR on the phone with me.” I was upset, but not with my boss, or the HR representative. It’s just a pain to have to regroup and figure out what to do the for the rest of my life. Oh yeah, I’m 62 years old. That’s really going to be appealing to a new employer.

I have 30 days to close out business then a fairly decent (albeit breif) severance package. I was encouraged to look for other positions within the company, which isn’t too encouraging given the fact that I was simply one of many that were laid off this year.

As I work through this process, I thought blogging about my experiences may be good therapy and might provide some insight for others in a similar position. Not quite sure how this blogging thing is going to work – I downloaded an App and just started typing. Also not sure what’s going to happen after I hit the “publish” button but I’m going to give it a shot to see what happens. I hope this site will get a little more sophisticated as I move through my blogging experience!

Advice for today:

1. Stay cool – don’t say anything out of anger. For me, if there is any possibility of staying on with the company, I need to remain professional for the 30 days I am to remain officially employed.

2. Collect your thoughts after “the call” and make a list for HR and circle back when you are a little more collected. I didn’t really hear much after the opening statement “There’s really no easy way to begin this call…” Gotta admit I almost said, “well then don’t have it!” Ha ha.

3. Don’t sign anything until you fully consider your options. Many times a Severance Agreement will limit your ability to work for a competitor or bring suit against the company (like if you’re in a protected class) in lieu of renumeration. If you think you’ve been dealth with unfairly, it might be worth a visit to an employment attorney. I haven’t seen my Severance Agreement yet, but I will read with close scrutiny before signing. Oh yeah, I’m also an attorney (albeit not practicing).

That’s it for today – Thoughts for tomorrow – Making a Plan.

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